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Our Float Services


First Time Floater Special

Your first float session is very important to us.  We understand the hesitation to try something new.  We are offering all of our first-time customers a discount on their very first 60-minute float session here at the Mended Willow to help you ease into the experience.


Standard Float Session

A 60 minute float session.  Experience a whole new level of relaxation in a fully private, custom built float room.  Basking in total weightlessness, you'll release all the tension stored in your muscles, allowing your mind to rest like never before.  Please allow 90 minutes of total time for preparation and completion.


First Time 3 Float Bundle

To encourage you to experience the compound benefits and potential of starting a regular float practice, were offering one of our best deals for new customers.

Floatation therapy is a practice that can take a few tries to fully understand and appreciate the benefits.  The first float is usually a time to get comfortable with the experience, while the second float you know how it works and it's easier to relax.  By the third float, most guests have found the sweet spot where they truly understand how to get the most out of each session.  

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